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It's All Under Our Roof…

…because when something goes wrong under your roof, you want a solution that gets the whole job done. With our unique integrated approach to trade services, we provide everything you need to fix your problem, fast. So from start to finish, you can rest assured that we’ve got it covered.

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Case Study

Amy called us requiring a plumber due to washing machine overflow. What she didn't know is the flood had affected her laundry wiring, as well as the integrity of her wall & floor.

After the initial call out by our plumber to fix the flood, we were then able to call on the rest of Result Trade team, with a Result  electrician then arriving to fix the wiring, and a Result builder arriving after that to fix the wall. All this occurred without Amy having to find different trades, or the inconvenience of missing additional work hours waiting for adjunct trades to turn up. All the flood damage was fixed within a day.

"I didn't know that one flood could cause so much damage, or that the electrics could have been a danger to my family.  It was such a relief that Result Trade could fix everything that needed fixing, without me having to find trustworthy  tradesman - that I have no idea about. They came in one after the other, which meant I only missed one day of work – not several as it could have been."

Dear Owner/Manager of Result Trade Services,

My name is Semra Buyruk and I am the owner of and live at 8/3 Pitt Street Parramatta.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank your company and in particular your staff member Peter Spillane for a job well done, and for helping me when nobody else would.

I would like to explain to you what happened on Sunday 4/3/2012. At 3pm that day, I accidently locked myself out of my apartment. I had no house keys, no car keys, no wallet and no phone. I didn't know what to do.

I spoke with my neighbour, who is a Property Manager, and I asked her if she would contact her locksmith to come out and let me back in my apartment. She contacted the locksmith and he arrived approximately an hour later. When I explained to the locksmith that I had no money on me at the time and that I would have to pay him for his services the following day, the locksmith refused to help me and he left.

I then telephoned the Police who arrived 2 hours later and were very rude to me and advised me that they couldn't help me. They also then left.

I then spent the next hour, using my neighbours mobile telephone and phone book, to ring a number of local locksmiths. I advised each of them again that I would have to pay them for their services the following day. They all advised me that they couldn't help me.

I then telephoned Result Trade Services and I spoke with Peter Spillane. I again explained my situation to Peter. He advised me that he wasn't a locksmith, but a builder, but he would help me. He arrived at my property less than 30 minutes later and he helped me gain access to my apartment.

Peter was the only person who helped me, when everybody else wouldn't. Peter was prompt and very professional and kind. I am eternally greatfull to Peter and Result Trade Services, for helping me in my time of need.

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