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It's All Under Our Roof…

…because when something goes wrong under your roof, you want a solution that gets the whole job done. With our unique integrated approach to trade services, we provide everything you need to fix your problem, fast. So from start to finish, you can rest assured that we’ve got it covered.

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Case Study

Case Study:

Recent Storms in and around Sydney have caused havoc for some people. Recently a Strata Manager made a call to our team reporting flooding through the ceiling and of most concern the light fittings. It was early evening and the power supply had tripped and they were in the dark.

We sent out a Plumber and an Electrician to the site, the plumber was able to provide a temporary solution to the roof leak which stopped the water entering the building and the Electrician was onsite to make sure the lights were safe and no one would be injured.

Once the storm passed, our plumbers were able to repair the roof and the building team could come in and replace the water damaged ceiling lining. The entire job was put onto one easy to read and itemized invoice which made it very easy for the Insurance Company assess and to approve payment with no headache's for the Strata Manager or the Body Corporate.

Case Study: Electricians

Result Trade Services was asked to provide a solution to the very high costs associated with running a multi storey building on Sydney’s North Shore. The team carried out a consultation and provided the building owners with a plan to install a combination of sensor lights, timers, P.E Cells (daylight sensors) and Energy efficient lights including LED and Compact Florescent Globes. The Owners reportedly experienced a saving of over $300 on the next Electricity bill. Money well spent!

Case Study: All Trades

Our Electricians attended to a site where it had been reported that the power supply to the building was intermittently interrupted. The Electricians traced the power supply problem back to the main Switchboard in the MDF. It was determined that water was dripping onto the wiring causing a short in circuit.

The Result Trade Services Plumbers traced the water leak throughout the multi storey building to a unit on the top floor that had a leaking membrane in the shower base. Every time the shower was used water escaped the shower into the wall which then made its way to a conduit. The Building team then was engaged to remove the tiles in the shower, replace the waterproofing and retile the shower. All the different trades were provided by Result Trade Services, the Owners Corporation and the Strata Manager were kept informed along the way, approvals for each step of the process was given and the whole job was put onto one easy to read invoice.

At the next Strata Meeting the Secretary of the Owners Corporation reportedly praised the Strata Manager for using Result Trade Services as "the process so easy". All the way through the job they were able to speak with the Operations Manager from Result who was right across the job, "having one point of contact was very helpful".

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